Our very own fairy Tale

The word Tilsharit was coined first and then came Tilsharit Green. In 1999, we built our home Tilsharit which is an amalgamation of first few letters of our names and last name – TILak + SHArma + RITa… Tilsharit which means ‘Coming Home to Love’.

At that point in 1999 we had never thought in less than two decades from then we would have something called Tilsharit Green an extension of our home which we offer to guests for their happy stay.

From 2015 to now we have had 5 full years of hard work, learning, team work and a feeling of joy and contentment all through the way 🙂 From being a Homestay with 3 rooms to now being a guest house with 7 rooms, we have tried to be consistent with our hospitality and warmth. Our motto has always been to make our guests experience what we would like to experience when we go for holidays! Because sometimes it’s not about fancy rooms, designer restaurants, a pool but just about the feeling you are left with during and after the stay… Isn’t it?

In these past 5 years we have had more than 1000 guests staying with us some new and some who had stayed with us already. It’s a joy to see when people as a family / friends / couples write about us on social media or simple handwritten notes for us on our private feedback board in both the cottages.

We are a team of 6 people, 2 adorable kids, 6 helpers and a lovely dog 🐕.

That’s us and our little story…

Stay Free for 2 Nights

If you have stayed with us, please share a picture and tag us or if you are planning a trip to #Himachal than like our Facebook page and share your family story with us, the post and pictures that get maximum likes will be get a chance to stay with us for FREE for 02 Nights.

(01 Couple 0r Couple with 02 Children with Breakfast)

Validity Month – Jan to March 2020.

About Us

Tilsharit Green is a haven guesthouse close to nature. It is surrounded by a thick forest reserve of pine and rhododendron trees. While it is expected for any place to brighten up during spring, our cottages offer picturesque view through the year.

Contact Us

Address: Tilsharit
Dalhousie Road
District chamba
Himachal Pradesh – 176303
Phone Number : +91 8894970044
Email :tilsharit.homestay@gmail.com

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