So last weekend was spent in the woods near Khajjiar on Mission Camping 🙂 A bunch of friends with our respective families camped in tents with a whole lot of special moments.

During our early morning walk (and this time it was from Camp site to Khajjiar) we spotted a really styled horse with the name Shaam Ali Khan. Check out his neatly styled hair and the tail 🙂

On reaching Khajjiar lawns we spotted a huge group (which was being instructed by a Yoga instructor probably) and we were tempted to take some lesson too… The group was from Punjab and I thought it was really cool of them to do a trip specially for the yoga sessions and in such location. It was a mix batch in terms of age. From a young boy to a senior citizen we could see the energy. The best bit was the laughter therapy which is usually seen in many parks in cities as well where people go for morning walks… this was different though, the shear expanse of the Yoga site and such a gorgeous backdrop made it a special morning walk for us 🙂 Glad we took it!