So yesterday, April 15 was Himachal Day. It is a public holiday in the state of Himachal as it is the anniversary of the creation of the province of Himachal Pradesh in 1948. However, statehood did not come until 1971. 

For me Himachal is not just a Pradesh (territory)… It is nature, peace, serenity, simplicity, culture and much more. My morning walks make me closer to and fonder of Himachal everyday. Here’ Himachal from my perspective – raw / almost untouched and simple 🙂 Just like a bird call!

About Himachal Pradesh: The word “Himachal” is derived from a word meaning “lap of the snow”. Himachal Pradesh is spread across valleys with many perennial rivers flowing through them. Almost 90% of the state’s population lives in rural areas. Agriculture, horticulture, hydropower and tourism are important constituents of the state’s economy. The hilly state is almost universally electrified with 99.5% of the households having electricity as of 2016. The state was declared India’s second open-defecation free state in 2016. According to a survey of CMS – India Corruption Study 2017, Himachal Pradesh is India’s least corrupt state.